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Are you dealing with chronic health challenges that have you questioning your choices and doubting your previous decisions?

Are you feeling challenged making it to full health after a long struggle with a body that doesn’t want to completely cooperate?

Are you tired of focusing on diagnoses, treatments and want to instead focus on true health and well-being?

Are you drawn to non-traditional ways of healing after thoroughly exhausting all traditional medicine?

Are you looking for support and understanding from others who have been there?

Master Coaches Kris McGuffie and Emily Downward recently gave a free webinar, sharing 4 simple techniques for accessing your inner wisdom, connecting with peace, tuning into creative flow, and strengthening your energetic reserves.

Trust Yourself Again: Make Better Decisions for your Health

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About Us

Emily Downward

EmilyDI’m a master certified life coach, health educator, and writer, who is passionate about empowering people to be their own health advocate and enjoy life with more peace and joy. In addition to my training, I’ve experienced several health challenges firsthand. I know the frustration of dealing with doctors who don’t listen or who push prescriptions instead of discovering the source of the issue. I know the fear of feeling completely at the mercy of a body that isn’t cooperating. I understand the challenges of asking for help and understanding from family and friends. Since becoming a life coach, I’ve studied and developed my skills on the spiritual side of health, helping people integrate their own spiritual wisdom into their physical existence, to live their soul’s purpose and find the inner peace that is always available and present to us.

Kris McGuffie

Kris Bio Pic for Retreat 2 Heal websiteI’m a master certified life coach, a writer, and a writing mentor with a passion for supporting individuals as they breathe life into their dreams. I discovered my passion for healing through experience rather than preference; while I’ve had a lifetime of weird and often unexplained health challenges, in 2008, I thought I was a goner. Unlike with my other ailments, I had not been able to bounce back. I was so ill and had so little quality of life, that if I was not also a new mother to a beautiful infant son, I would have wanted to die (in the parlance of California, it was gnarly). My achingly slow and plodding recovery from the perfect storm of bodily woes that robbed me of a good life provided me with the foundation for not only true healing but for my professional and personal reinvention.