Retreat to Heal

Redesign Your Own Path to Healing

You’ve learned that you cannot “solve” all of your physical ailments with physical remedies. You’re frustrated, unsure, and burned out with focusing on healing. 

You’ve been at it a while. You’ve turned the corner, but you don’t feel like you’ve arrived at a true place of health. 

You’re looking for some new ways to continue the journey of healing. And you’d like to get away from your daily routine for a little while and retreat from the everyday pressures of life.

  • Learn how to access and harness deeper wisdom to recalibrate your healing. 
  • Discover how to use the very emotions that have been torturing you to heal yourself instead. 
  • Redefine self-care, nurturing, and health. 
  • Design your own ritual for healing that nourishes your spirit.

Leave the retreat with the peace and knowledge that you have catalyzed your body’s ability to heal. 

It’s time. Retreat to heal.

November 11-13

Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo, CA

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How do I know if this retreat is for me?

(Some of the following resonate with you)

  • You’ve consulted with a lot of doctors. You’ve had a lot of tests. You’ve tried out a lot of treatments and procedures. “A lot” has become “Enough, already!” And you’re still not fully satisfied with your current state of health. You’ve run out of viable “traditional” treatments.
  • Some of your diagnoses are autoimmune and/or chronic pain disorders.
  • You’ve explored many alternative therapies, nutritional plans, supplements, and complementary therapies. You’ve found some that help, and yet it’s still not quite enough to bring you the well being you desire.
  • You have felt shamed, ignored, or mishandled by some of the professionals with whom you sought care. You may even have family or friends who out of discomfort or fear have told you things like “You just need to learn to live with this.” Or, “If you think about your illness too much, you’ll make it worse.”
  • You are a sensitive person who has always felt pulled towards making a positive mark in the world and helping others.
  • You feel drawn to helping others but currently feel too overwhelmed or weakened by your own state of health to do so.
  • You have been yearning to spend some time away—in the company of other kind-hearted people—to rest, heal, and recover. 
  • You are hungry to discover a new way of approaching your physical condition. 
  • You feel certain you have reached a plateau in your healing process, and you’re motivated to find ways to continue into a stronger, more trusting way of life.

More than anything, you want to feel well enough to live a vibrant, peaceful life.


You desire to feel strong, comfortable, and confident in your body and your energy. You want to harness your being, instead of being harnessed by your health conditions or diseases. You dream of having the freedom to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, to be of service to others, to fulfill your destiny.

At this retreat, we will share techniques and approaches that have worked for us and for our clients. We’ve been ill—sick beyond the doctors’ abilities to heal—and we’ve come back from that illness to live full lives that don’t simply revolve around health care. We know—from experience and from intuition—how to help you ignite your body’s own ability to heal, how to connect you to your soul’s wisdom, and how to help you create a new sense of health and well being.

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Tell me more about your approach!

Awareness and behavioral changes are crucial: Tackling a complex healing situation involves learning and practicing new levels of awareness and ways of being. 

A sense of safety is paramount: To make big changes in our lives, particularly when we are weakened by long illness or slowed down by pain, it’s crucial to create a sense of safety and structure. We simply won’t open our awareness, tap into our intuition and creativity, or embark on new behavioral patterns if we don’t feel safe enough. 

Getting away is empowering: Retreating to a fresh and serene place surrounded by natural beauty and supportive professionals and peers gives us that safe container within which to create the foundation for a new life. Without the everyday pressures and stressors, we may prioritize ourselves completely and get down to the sacred work of meeting our needs, addressing our desires, and dreaming up new ways of expanding into the healthier people we know we are, deep inside.


What’s included in the retreat?

The first two days, we’ll be meeting at a gorgeous Mediterranean-style villa, surrounded by five acres of oak and avocado trees.

The retreat begins on Friday morning. We will gather to learn, to play, to connect, to practice all day Friday, until just before dinner time. Lunch, snacks, and beverages are included.

We’ll gather again on Saturday morning for another full day, take a late afternoon break, and then continue our connection over dinner at a local restaurant. Lunch, snacks, beverages, and dinner are included.

On Sunday, we’ll begin a little later, allowing participants time to check out from rental properties or hotels. We’ll gather at a delightful, light-filled space in San Luis Obispo (check out The Station here!), where we’ll integrate our learning and share a final lunch together. If you are planning to fly out of town that day, you will be a short drive away from the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (Insert link?). If you are staying longer, you’ll will be within walking distance of some of the most delightful attractions in downtown San Luis Obispo.

If staying onsite at the villa with your retreat facilitator(s) appeals to you, there are four gorgeous bedrooms available to rent. Find out more and book here. 

Ultimately, we recommend securing accommodations that best serve you and your need for comfort and space. There is an amazing selection of lovely properties for rent through VRBO and AirBnB, as well as a quality selection of hotels. Explore some of the possibilities here.


Kris and Emily held a free webinar in which they shared 4 simple techniques for accessing your inner wisdom, connecting with peace, tuning into creative flow, and strengthening your energetic reserves. You can access it and get the accompanying worksheets by signing up below.

Wanna know more about us? Check us out.

What’s your refund policy?

That’s a simple one. This is an investment in you and your healing. All payments are final and non-refundable. When you make this commitment, it’s important not to second-guess your instincts that drew you towards this. We want to support you in creating this time and space for yourself. Loving-kindness begins with sending love to yourself. We will help you honor that by keeping this commitment to yourself.